PS4, UMS and you

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Re: PS4, UMS and you

Post by emutt »

This and other basic function that are missing in the initial release
will be added. MP3, CD play as well as DLNA functionality.

Check out the Unlimited media access section here: ... st_include
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Re: PS4, UMS and you

Post by Sunwind »

This is a shame. I have a PS3 but I don't use it to stream, because my Bravia 32"-EX supports it and I use that since it's easier than booting up the PS3, but I was planning on getting a PS4 in the future.

It's still possible (probable?) that they'll add the functionality in later, right? Or is this something that can't be changed due to hardware?
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Re: PS4, UMS and you

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They are currently looking at adding back UPNP/DLNA support but we will have to wait for the PS4's Firmware to be updated. Could take a few months or more i suspect
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