Renderer fixes for Samsung KU6xxx (and possibly others)

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Renderer fixes for Samsung KU6xxx (and possibly others)

Post by mnp » Tue May 28, 2019 6:56 am

Like many here I've had some trouble setting up my Samsung KU6xxx TV, and I thought some of my solutions might help others. They could also be relevant to other model lines. I fixed these by editing the default Samsung-UHD.conf file.

The first problem was with transcoding not working at all, resulting in various errors. This can be fixed by adding the following line near the top:
ChunkedTransfer = true

The second problem was with seek not working on transcoded files. This can be changing the line 'SeekByTime = true' to:
SeekByTime = exclusive

The third problem was with some files being transcoded by default even though they seem to have been a supported video format. I don't know what exactly caused this, but solved it by removing the 'a:ac3|lpcm|adpcm|aac-lc|he-aac|wma|eac3|mp3|dts' parts of all the Supported video formats. I don't know why this changed anything, since they had aac audio to start with.

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