Recognize renderer test of conf file for Amazon FireTV classic

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Recognize renderer test of conf file for Amazon FireTV classic

Post by Trebly » Tue May 12, 2020 12:22 pm


New user I begin to understand the principles.
I am into the phase of adaptation of conf files for my renderers.
Most of the difficulties come from the problem of the interpretation of the DEBUG.LOG where I don't always understand the full structure and the analysis process.

I Have currently defined 6 conf files set into renderers folder, corresponding to my current active renderers devices.
  • VLC-for-desktop.conf : directly copied, used and it functions
  • Samsung-GalaxyS9-bty.conf : quite directly copied, just changed some values, it functions when using VLC for Android
  • Microsoft-WindowsMediaPlayer.conf : has been directly copied from the conf installation folder, it is used and functions with WMP on desktops
It remains which are not functioning :
  • "Samsung-CD-bty.conf" : Adaptation for TV Samsung UE40F6650 but I could not find until now which is the exact "series" of this TV and which conf file must be used or adapted, UMS is not visible as provider
  • "Free-Freebox-Player-revolution-bty.conf" : adaptation of Free-Freebox.conf for capacities of the model6 : not functioning : impossible to display jpg images
  • "Amazon-FireTVStick-bty-2b.conf" : quite full development on base of Google-Android-Chromecast.conf : it is not functioning the device is not recognized
I have attached to this message the example for Amazon-FireTVStick-bty-2b.conf used for Amazon-FireTVStick classic.
On the FireTV there are two ways to read UMS stream : VLC for FireTV (UpNp) and KODI UpNp sources (I have installed from the downloaded apk full version from Kodi site).

When default android (the file Amazon-FireTVStick-bty-2b.conf is replaced by android.conf), VLC video rendering is functioning but the observed video Bitrate is near 5 Mbps then the video is moving during 1s for 4s waiting. But when I uses the direct TV entry (the Ethernet network 1Gb and HDMI connections) I get everything from UMS and video (but not with the same advanced features than in Kodi or VLC)

I have quite full created the conf file from FireTV characteristics (and prepared for the ultra model).
After which first step which told me dlna details: {[email protected](, I have defined "UserAgentSearch = [email protected] | Amazon-FireTVStick" ( Amazon-FireTVStic added because the friendlyName declared to the FreeBox Router is Amazon-FireTVStick).

The device is found (found UpNp [email protected](, but the conf seems not to be applied : DEBUG tells : Using default media renderer "Lecteur multimédia inconnu" Media renderer was not recognized.

I am missing something.
I have worked more than forty hours to try to adapt the FireTV conf file but without finding the solution.
I have read all available documents about conf files and understood easily everything is told into these documents (particularly : DefaultRenderer.conf, ... vstickgen2

Is-it somebody who can help me ?


note : the joined TXT contains the extract of the Debug.log for the [email protected]( device and the Amazon-FireTVStick-bty-2b.conf
Extract of DEBUG.LOG and Conf file for Amazon FireTV
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Re: Recognize renderer test of conf file for Amazon FireTV classic

Post by mik_s » Tue May 12, 2020 12:43 pm

The log you posted is not much use, full trace logs will be needed to help properly, follow the link in the red section above.

What I could see is that you doing alright at writing the config.
I can't really tell by that little snippet but it looks like the logs are in debug mode and not trace mode so you are missing a lot of the information about the decision making to match renderers and supported formats. The log level is in the bottom right in the logs tab, just set it to trace and you can everything that is happening.
Logs are important for us to help, Please follow This Link before asking for support. Just a forum cleaner, Will help if I can but no expert.

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