Marantz AV7703.conf

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Marantz AV7703.conf

Post by MadHaTr » Fri Sep 25, 2020 8:45 am

I am making a config for the Marantz AV7703 pre amp. Looking for input. What I have so far seems to work, i've based it off the info from this marantz online manual. I'm looking for things I may have missed or better formatting. I'll include the conf, PNG and my log files in case I have some info wrong. Also how do I get the PNG file working, i used winrar to input the PNG into the resources/images/clients folder but it does't show up.

The included log file is with an empty renderers folder so I could capture the info. The help guide seems out of date.

I plan to make up a bunch of test files to see if there is support beyond what the website claims, if someone has a link to pre made ones that would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Here is the config I am using.
# Profile for Marantz
# See DefaultRenderer.conf for descriptions of all the available options.
# DEBUG 2020-09-24 15:32:59.427 [cling-10] New renderer found: "Marantz AV7703" with dlna details: {friendlyName=Marantz AV7703, address=, udn=uuid:c632158c-b7ce-1a06-0080-0005cde154a6, manufacturer=Marantz, modelName=Marantz AV7703, modelNumber=Aios 4.025, manufacturerURL=}
# ============================================================================
# This renderer has sent the following strings:
# USER-AGENT: LINUX UPnP/1.0 Denon-Heos/161056
# friendlyName=Marantz AV7703
# udn=uuid:c632158c-b7ce-1a06-0080-0005cde154a6
# manufacturer=Marantz
# modelName=Marantz AV7703
# ModelNumber=Aios 4.025
# manufacturerURL=
# ModelURL=
# ============================================================================

RendererName = Marantz AV7703
UserAgentSearch = Denon-Heos/161056
UpnpDetailsSearch = Marantz, Marantz AV7703
#UserAgentAdditionalHeader =
#UserAgentAdditionalHeaderSearch =
LoadingPriority = 2
RendererIcon = Marantz-AV7703.png

Video = false
Image = false

#TranscodeAudio = WAV

MediaInfo = true

# Supported audio formats:
# file format mime-type channels sample freq max bit rate

Supported = f:wma m:audio/x-wma n:2 s:48000 b:192000
Supported = f:mp3 m:audio/mpeg n:2 s:48000 b:320000
Supported = f:wav m:audio/x-wav n:2
Supported = f:aac/m4a/mp4 m:audio/x-m4a n:2 s:48000 b:320000
Supported = f:flac m:audio/flac n:2
Supported = f:alac m:audio/x-m4a n:2 s:96000
Supported = f:dsf m:audio/x-dsf n:2
Supported = f:dff m:audio/x-dff n:2
config file
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packed debug files
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Re: Marantz AV7703.conf

Post by SubJunk » Sun Oct 04, 2020 12:40 pm

Hi, this looks good. In case it is useful, here is the list of media files we use for our regression tests ... t/pms/dlna
If you are happy with the config we will add it to UMS for the next release, do you think it is ready for that?

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