UMSBuilder 1.6 is released

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UMSBuilder 1.6 is released

Post by SubJunk » Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:54 am


UMSBuilder automatically builds the latest revision of UMS for Windows and Linux.
To use it, simply unzip UMSBuilder and run (double-click) "Build for Windows" or "Build for Linux".

Note: This will build the program from potentially untested code, so while it should usually be OK there are no guarantees.
If you want stability, download the latest official release from our front page.

You can download it here

Changes since 1.5:
  • General:
    • Split executable file into two; one for Windows and one for Linux
    • Fixed compilation
  • External components:
    • Updated Maven to 3.1.0, which:
      • Fixes lots of bugs
    • Updated Java to 1.7.25, which:
      • Improves security

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