100th Pull Request

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100th Pull Request

Post by SubJunk »

We just merged our 100th Git Pull Request!

For those who don't know, a Pull Request is a way for developers to submit improvements to code projects on GitHub. Because of how open it is, anyone is free to modify and submit code to us, which we can then choose to merge.

This number shows how well our development community is growing and I would like to send a big thanks to - in no particular order - OptimusPrime, Skeptical, ExSport, Alfredo Ramos, D-Kalck, Ichimonji10, gordalina, DevlshOne and glebb for their pull requests. Your contributions are very appreciated by me and the other developers!

If you are interested in contributing to UMS (UMS on GitHub) we would love to see what you can do and Pull Requests are a great, no-pressure way to do it, and of course you are immortalized on our Facebook, Twitter, changelog and announcement threads ;)
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Re: 100th Pull Request

Post by Optimus_prime »

No need for thanks, just happy to contribute to a project that i've followed for years. Bring on a bigger and better UMS, with plenty of community help/assistance :D
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