Version 7.6.1 released

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Version 7.6.1 released

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You can download it from the front page.

This is a patch release to improve stability regressions in 7.6.0
It reduces memory use, fixes support for some Samsung devices, and fixes fully played thumbnail overlays.

Soon we will be start our 8.0.0 pre-release cycle, which usually involves releasing alpha/beta versions so we can get feedback on the new features and any bugs before the full release.
This one will be centered around web feeds like podcasts and web streaming.
We will continue to release 7.x.x builds in parallel with bugfixes and minor updates, so please continue to report any bugs you find. We are really focusing on stability lately and will continue to.

Changes since 7.6.0:
  • General:
    • Increased thumbnail compression for less memory use
    • Fixed broken browsing on some Samsung devices (thanks, drakulis!)
    • Fixed fully played thumbnails not working after restarts
    • Improved code formatting (thanks, drakulis!)
  • Languages:
    • Chinese Simplified translation updated
    • Swedish translation updated

Compatibility notes:

These releases work on all versions of Java 7 onwards.
The Windows releases work on Windows Vista onwards.
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