Version 9.3.1 released

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Version 9.3.1 released

Post by SubJunk »


This is a minor release that mostly fixes support for some of our Samsung TV users and adds more translations.

We are busy preparing our next beta which improves and extends our metadata, allowing for things like recommendations, genres, ratings from major sources, etc. as well as remote access.


You can download it from the front page, our other official mirrors, or install it via Docker with:

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docker pull universalmediaserver/ums
Changes since 9.3.0
  • General:
    • Updated build documentation in (thanks, luca-vercelli!)
  • Renderers:
    • Fixed too much transcoding on Samsung 9 series TVs
    • Fixed WAV support on PS3
  • Translation updates via Crowdin:
    • Arabic (36%)
    • Serbian (87%)
    • Slovenian (60%)
  • The Windows releases work on Windows Vista onwards.
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Re: Version 9.3.1 released

Post by POIZ »

getting this mistakte hundreds of times.

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19:41:13 WARN  Ignoring invalid audio/subtitle language configuration "ger"
19:41:14 WARN  Ignoring invalid aud...

ger and de worked before.. i think.. at least there was no error output

did i configure somthing wrong?

//EDIT i'm so sorry - i found the mistake - i entered the interpunctuation wrong -,- :geek:
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Re: Version 9.3.1 released

Post by LERother »

I can still transcode H265, but now I can't rewind or fast-forward on my UA40J5200.
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