Version 9.8.1 released

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Version 9.8.1 released

Post by SubJunk » Sun Sep 06, 2020 9:01 pm


This release improves renderer detection speed, reduces CPU and network load, improves media parsing, and more.

The v9 releases will continue for bugfixes and renderer support updates, and soon we will release the first pre-release for v10 which improves, stabilizes and extends our metadata, allowing for things like recommendations, genres, ratings from major sources, etc.


Windows, macOS and Linux: Our front page or our official mirrors
Docker: docker pull universalmediaserver/ums

Changes since 9.8.0
  • General:
    • Improved speed of renderers and UMS recognizing each other
    • Reduced network and CPU loads associated with renderer discovery
    • Improved loading of external libraries
    • Fixed older macOS auto-updating to UMS for newer macOS
    • Fixed quickrun scripts for developers
    • Fixed not removing the Windows service firewall rule on uninstall
  • Translation updates via Crowdin:
    • English (United Kingdom) (33%)
    • German (98%)
    • Slovak (98%)
  • Dependencies:
    • Bump assertj-core from 3.16.1 to 3.17.1
    • Bump git-commit-id-plugin from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2
    • Bump junrar from 6.0.1 to 7.3.0
    • Bump maven-resources-plugin from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0
    • Bump MediaInfo from 18.12 to 20.08
    • Bump oshi-core from 5.2.2 to 5.2.5
  • We fully support Windows 7+, and have limited support for Windows XP and Vista
  • macOS 10.10+ is fully supported

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Re: Version 9.8.1 released

Post by Rhialto » Mon Sep 07, 2020 12:27 pm

The fact you still support XP and Vista, what it implies? Would it make it easier and lighter by droping those 2 old and unsecure OS?

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Re: Version 9.8.1 released

Post by SubJunk » Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:13 am

That's a fair question Rhialto, but we don't actually test on those systems, we just try not to break them. That's why it says "limited support" :) It is definitely best to use Windows 10.

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Re: Version 9.8.1 released

Post by pipin » Wed Sep 09, 2020 3:57 am

Thanks for the release.
Devices used with UMS : - Windows 10 PC, Samsung UE32 F4580SS, Samsung UE48H6600

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Subtitles on Philips 42PFL4007H/12

Post by gligort » Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:08 am


Version 9.4.3 is the last version subtitles are working with. Newer version does not shot the subtitles. Server does recognizes the subtitles in the name of the movie/series, but it is not showing it. I've tried update form version 9.4.3 to new one, I've tried clean instalation. I even copied the folder renderers form version 9.4.3 to the new one - NO SUBTITLES.

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Re: Version 9.8.1 released

Post by johnsim3 » Sat Sep 26, 2020 8:30 pm


Thanks for the new release :)

I'm not sure with which release this issue actually started but I am getting some strange thumbnail views on my "Samsung Q60 Series (55)" TV:
  • Thumbnails are mixed up for some of the videos (eg; some of the video thumbnails of series "A" are showing thumbnails from Series "B" or even thumbnails of pictures instead).
  • The videos themselves are not mixed up (eg; Series "A" video with Series "B" thumbnail will still play video "A" correctly)
  • Browsing videos in the web-view and my other TVs do not seem to be affected by this issue.
Any ideas what configuration I can check (and change) to fix this issue?

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Re: Version 9.8.1 released

Post by leofrandsouza » Thu Oct 08, 2020 4:11 pm

Having issues playing MKV file container on Samsung Smart tv's says not supported but plays the video without the audio and some times stops playing mkv files

Team is there any work around to fix the issue or do we need to wait for another update from UMS

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