Version 10.10.0 released

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Version 10.10.0 released

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This release marks fully played TV series, improves renderer (particularly Samsung TVs) change detection, API matching, performance and more!


Downloads for Windows, macOS and Linux, and commands for Docker and Homebrew are available on our download page or from our official mirrors.

Changes since 10.9.0:
  • General:
    • Added fully played overlay to TV series thumbnails in Media Library if all episodes are played
      after-tv-thumbs.png (244.93 KiB) Viewed 13109 times
    • Fixes some renderers not reflecting content updates like fully played thumbnail changes
    • Fixed broken API matching for episodes from files with years in the series name
    • Fixed files locking during or just after download
    • Ignore incomplete files
  • Translation updates via Crowdin:
    • Romanian (100%) (thanks, FlorinT!)
    • Russian (90%) (thanks, Sergei Kotlar!)


If you appreciated this release, please consider donating to UMS to help us offset our costs. We support donations via Patreon, Open Collective and PayPal.
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