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We have finally been able to sign and notarize our macOS releases, which means you no longer have to jump through hoops to install UMS on macOS. This is a big milestone and really validates the decision to do our releases on Patreon, which has almost paid for the Apple Developer subscription fee. Thank you!

There are also some significant other improvements in this release, like fixes for the web player and support for settings updates without restarting the server.


This release is available on our Patreon page for all subscribers, and will be released publicly during our next release.

Our previous version, 11.2.0, is now available on our download page and from our official mirrors.

Changes since 11.2.0:
  • General
    • Sign and notarize macOS releases, for easier installation
    • Adding/removing shared folders updates instantly
    • Fixed autoupdater on Apple ARM build
    • Renamed all translation keys for more readable code
    • Fixed broken sleep prevention during playback on macOS
    • Fixed macOS version compatibility warning in log viewer
    • Fixed web browser video/audio playback on some systems and browsers
  • Renderers
    • Send date metadata for audio on nextcp/2
  • Translation updates via Crowdin
    • Bulgarian (93%) (thanks, Иво Иванов and Dremski!)
    • Catalan (98%) (thanks, Toni Grau i Quellos!)
    • Czech (100%)
    • Danish (100%) (thanks, GurliGebis and NCAA!)
    • Dutch (91%) (thanks, DJ_eMPe!)
    • English (United Kingdom) (17%) (thanks, DJ_eMPe!)
    • Finnish (100%) (thanks, Esko Gardner!)
    • French (100%) (thanks, Archaos!)
    • German (99%) (thanks, pipin!)
    • Hebrew (23%) (thanks, shayh!)
    • Hungarian (91%) (thanks, promi!)
    • Italian (100%) (thanks, Oscar Zambotti!)
    • Korean (100%) (thanks, VenusGirl!)
    • Polish (100%) (thanks, Karol Szastok!)
    • Portuguese (100%) (thanks, mariopinto and RPargana!)
    • Portuguese (Brazilian) (100%) (thanks, Mauro.A!)
    • Serbian (Cyrillic) (92%) (thanks, silevb!)
    • Spanish (96%) (thanks, edwardalvarez2011!)
    • Swedish (99%) (thanks, Erik Karlsson and Lorien aka the First One!)
    • Turkish (100%) (thanks, Burak Yavuz!)
    • Ukrainian (29%) (thanks, Paul Furlet!)
  • Dependencies
    • Updated appbundler to 5946207
    • Updated exec-maven-plugin to v3.1.0
    • Updated maven-assembly-plugin to v3.4.1
    • Updated moment.js to v2.29.4
    • Updated spotbugs-maven-plugin to v4.7.1.0

Support us:

If you appreciated this release, please consider donating or subscribing. We don't do it for money, but it is nice to offset our expenses.
If you would like your name to be mentioned in our list of supporters, please leave a note with your donation/subscription or message us on here, and we will gladly immortalize your contribution.
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