Version 3.6.0 is released

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Version 3.6.0 is released

Post by SubJunk »


You can download it from the front page.

This release improves H.264 transcoding, thumbnails of resume files, adds support for more TVs/Blu-ray players, fixes many bugs and more!

Changes since 3.5.0:
  • General:
    • Use the Entertainment application category on OS X instead of Other
    • MPlayer thumbnail generation is disabled in the GUI if "Generate thumbnails" is unticked
    • Made Matroska container detection more reliable
    • Message dialogs display in the center of the program instead of the screen
    • The FFmpegAudio engine supports web audio
    • Valid MIME types are always sent to the renderer
    • Thumbnails of resume files are taken from the correct time (thanks, tdcosta100!)
    • The "Hide empty folders" option works for New Media folders (thanks, jpeyper!)
    • Improved support for transcoding to H.264 (thanks, tdcosta100!)
    • Improved detection of H.264 (thanks, tdcosta100!)
    • Improved speed
    • Fixed FFmpeg subtitles conversion (thanks, tdcosta100!)
    • Fixed the ability to stop scanning the library
    • Fixed the ability to resume videos with external subtitles
    • Fixed LPCM transcoding
    • Fixed renderer selection
    • Fixed timeseek detection (thanks, tdcosta100!)
  • Renderers:
    • Added support for Cambridge Audio Azur BD players (thanks, Triplefun!)
    • Added support for LG LA6200 TVs (thanks, douglasanpa!)
    • Added support for Sony Bravia BX305 TVs (thanks, douglasanpa!)
    • Added support for more sizes of LG LA644V TVs
    • Allow muxing of non-mod4 videos to Bravia TVs (thanks, tdcosta100!)
  • Languages:
    • Updated Czech translation
    • Updated Spanish translation (thanks, AlfredoRamos!)
  • External Components:
    • Updated Java Runtime Environment automatic downloader for Windows to 7u55, which:
      • Improves security

Upgrade Notes:

For all versions below 3.2.0:
If you have enabled FFmpeg's fontconfig or hid the New Media folder, you will need to re-apply those settings.

For all versions below 3.0.0-b1:
It is recommended to delete your UMS.conf file prior to installing this version. Windows users can choose the "clean install" option while installing instead.
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Re: Version 3.6.0 is released

Post by DeFlanko »

Awesome job guys!
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Re: Version 3.6.0 is released

Post by AYColumbia »

Great release. Thank you.
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Re: Version 3.6.0 is released

Post by Madoka »

Thanks for the new release!
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Re: Version 3.6.0 is released

Post by Wolfgan »

Thx for the release!
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Re: Version 3.6.0 is released

Post by smirk »

Great news. Thanks so much for another release! :-)
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Re: Version 3.6.0 is released

Post by IL2 »

Something is wrong since 3.4.0:
  1. ffmpeg is used by default even if mencoder selected or ffmpeg is disabled and unsuccessfully:

    Code: Select all

    [pool-12-thread-2] Starting "C:\Program Files\Universal Media Server\win32\ffmpeg.exe" -loglevel fatal -ss 0 -i "G:\ums\Spring Parade.avi" -an -an -an -an -an -an -an -an -an
    [pool-12-thread-2] Attaching thread: ffmpeg.exe-2
    [ffmpeg.exe-2-2] At least one output file must be specified
    [ffmpeg.exe-2-Cleanup] Stopping process: ffmpeg.exe-2
  2. chapters are not generated in 3.4.0+ at all, they are good in 3.3.0
I can't see how to attach full log here, does it need to be posted in ... ver/issues ?
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Re: Version 3.6.0 is released

Post by Optimus_prime »

Post the log in a new post here viewforum.php?f=9
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Re: Version 3.6.0 is released

Post by robertc99 »

Whats the ordering of files in the "new media" folder? It appears random.
Is there some reason the ordering preference isnt being applied to these files?
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