Version 4.3.0 is released

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Version 4.3.0 is released

Post by SubJunk »


You can download it from the front page.

This release adds the ability to transcode to H.265, adds and improves support for many renderers and files, fixes bugs and more!

Changes since 4.2.2:
  • General:
    • Added the ability to transcode to H.265
    • Improved filename prettifying
    • Improved support for many formats and codecs
    • Fixed VLC engine
    • Formatted the default renderer file
  • Renderers:
    • Added support for LG UB820V TVs
    • Added support for Logitech Squeezebox
    • Fixed video aspect ratios on Philips and Sony TVs
    • Improved support for Hama IR320
    • Improved support for LG LM660 TVs
    • Improved support for Netgem N7700
    • Improved support for Roku 3
    • Improved support for Samsung EH6070 TVs
    • Improved support for Samsung H4500 TVs
    • Improved support for Samsung HU7000 TVs
    • Improved support for Samsung HU9000 TVs
    • Improved support for Xbox 360
  • Languages:
    • Updated Dutch translation (thanks, leroy!)

Upgrade Notes:

For versions below 4.2.1:
In 4.2.1 we renamed many of the renderer configuration files, so we recommend clearing the "renderers" folder before updating.
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Re: Version 4.3.0 is released

Post by pipin »

Thanks. Great work.

Short question: Will you maintain the 4.x branch further or is the next step the 5.0 Beta?
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Re: Version 4.3.0 is released

Post by sma76928 »

Hi, still not work with LG WEBos TV ... sp=sharing

best regards
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Re: Version 4.3.0 is released

Post by RavenFire »

Looks like some nice changes!
Just letting you know, the same bug as in 4.21 and 4.22 still exists..
It doesn't like \u in pathnames...

Here's the thread with the temporary patch for 4.22:
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Re: Version 4.3.0 is released

Post by SharkHunter »

RavenFire - yes that bug sneak in under our radar. Patch still applies.
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Re: Version 4.3.0 is released

Post by Paradox »

Sony-BraviaEX.conf file still broken for some video files when using MEncoder

command line

Code: Select all

CustomMencoderOptions = -vf softskip,expand=::::1:16/9:2,scale=1283:720

-lavcopts aspect=16/9

added to the end for certain video file to avoid the squashing effect, normally .mkv files with Format version: Version 4 / Version 2 and any file with writing application and/or library of

easily manually fixed but again overlooked.

Sony Bravia 4500 and 5500 conf files I THINK CAN can also be re-written for next version see only one is needed with the following...

Code: Select all

RendererName = Sony Bravia 5500 and 4500 Series
RendererIcon = bravia5500.png
UserAgentAdditionalHeader = X-AV-Client-Info
UserAgentAdditionalHeaderSearch = (BRAVIA KDL.+4[0-9]{3})|(BRAVIA KDL.+5[0-9]{3})|(BRAVIA KDL.+WE4)|(BRAVIA KDL.+WE5)|(BRAVIA KDL-[0-9]{2}XBR9)

SeekByTime = true
DLNALocalizationRequired = true
DefaultVBVBufSize = true
WrapDTSIntoPCM = false
MuxNonMod4Resolution = true
TranscodeExtensions = dvr-ms,dvr,mkv,dv,ty,mov,ogm,hdmov,hdm,rmv,rmvb,rm,asf,evo,asx,flv,m2v,mpe,mod,tivo,ty,tmf,ts,tp,m2p,mp4,m4v,avi,wmv,wm,divx,div,flac,mlp,fla,wma,m4a,aac,dts,mka,ape,ogg,shn,mpc,ra,mp2,wv,oma,aa3,gif,png,arw,cr2,crw,dng,raf,mrw,nef,pef,tif,tiff
AccurateDLNAOrgPN = true
ForceJPGThumbnails = true
ThumbnailAsResource = true

# Adding the below will fix AR issues currently on the 5500 also hopefully
OverrideFFmpegVideoFilter = pad=max(iw\\,ih*16/9):max(ih\\,iw/16*9):(ow-iw)/2:(oh-ih)/2, setdar=4/3
CustomMencoderOptions = -vf softskip,expand=::::1:16/9:2,scale=1283:720 -lavcopts aspect=16/9
CreateDLNATreeFaster = true
MediaInfo = true

# Supported video formats:
Supported = f:mpegps|mpegts   m:video/mpeg   v:mpeg2|h264   a:ac3|aac|mpa

# Supported audio formats:
Supported = f:mp3             m:audio/mpeg
Supported = f:lpcm            m:audio/L16

# Supported image formats:
Supported = f:jpg             m:image/jpeg
Although the 4500 series by default do not do video this should have no ill effect. I believe the most that would happen under video is just the transcode folder appearing....... THIS WILL NEED TESTING FIRST THOUGH FROM USERS..... PERHAPS TIME FOR SOME SPECIFIC DEVICE BETA BUILDS?????
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