Version 5.1.1 is released

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Version 5.1.1 is released

Post by SubJunk »


You can download it from the front page.

This release fixes several important bugs, adds the ability to have links in tooltips, and makes audio tracks ordered by track number instead of song title on Samsung TVs!

Changes since 5.1.0:
  • General:
    • Added support for links in tooltips (thanks, taconaut!)
    • Added support for customizing background and foreground color in tooltips (thanks, taconaut!)
    • Added PrependTrackNumbers renderer option to ensure that renderers order audio by track number (thanks, javand!)
    • Made the RescaleByRenderer setting more consistent
    • Fixed MP4, M4A and 3GP file compatibility on some renderers
    • Fixed bug with the renderer selection window
    • Fixed audio and image compatibility on some renderers
    • Fixed transcoding with subtitles on 64-bit systems
  • Renderers:
    • Made Samsung televisions and Blu-ray Disc players order audio by track number
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Re: Version 5.1.1 is released

Post by sarthkhopkar »

I downloaded this version and got kind of screwed up . I have Sony Bravia KDL W700B and i use this Universal Media Server since last year. With earlier versions everything worked fine but as soon as the software updated itself, i couldn't play any audio files on my TV set and it displayed error message "playback failed". I could also play my playlists [ .m3u files] from Windows pc to TV set with earlier versions which failed with UMS Version 5.1.1 Please fix the issues.
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Re: Version 5.1.1 is released

Post by Famous Nick »

Still no Samsung UMS fix?
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Re: Version 5.1.1 is released

Post by maracucho »

hola. funciono bien con mi samsung un65hu9000 hasta la version 5.1.0 pero ahora con la 5.1.1 no me funciona. hay forma de arreglarlo.. ya que siempre hace transcode. y el samsung no lo soporta

hello. worked well with my samsung un65hu9000 to version 5.1.0 to 5.1.1 but now does not work for me. no way to fix it .. and that always makes transcode. and the Samsung does not support it

no quiero eliminar el transcode ya que tengo un sony y un panasonic y ellos necesitan transcode. pero el samsung lee el archivo directamente sin transcode

I do not want to delete the transcode because I have a sony and panasonic and they need to transcode. but the samsung reads the file directly without transcode


Thank You.
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Re: Version 5.1.1 is released

Post by Madoka »

Thanks for the new release!

I wonder if the 64-bit fontconfig fix/issue was what made it fail when I first tried the nightlies. I notice that I have a recent font cache now, generated a week after my first attempt with 64-bit FFmpeg.

Either way, it's working great for me.

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Re: Version 5.1.1 is released

Post by Berzerk »

and still, more "Unable to play" than anything else....

Wouldn't you rather first test your 3rd party tools before blindly "updating" them ? :roll:
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Re: Version 5.1.1 is released

Post by inspirat »

Thanks for the update!

I'm curious if you're still aware of the longstanding issue with Vizio 'smart' TVs, the recently proposed fix, and if it is something you are working on.
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Version 5.1.1 Bad News

Post by michaelt »

Good News:
The Memory Leak seems to be better - the hold time seems much shorter. Fixed? Don't know - have not seen any reports of a fix related to it. On my end????

Bad News:
The "Not Supported Video Format" is now hard for me - nothing works (but it was working fine for a while until ????).
The 5.1.0J8 fixes itself after a "Restart Server"

Posted the logs in Support under the same subject.
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Re: Version 5.1.1 is released

Post by nickhere »

nothing was working for me
my render a mess
so i just added this line
MimeTypesChanges = video/mpeg=video/mp4
and now ums is usable
Someday i will rework the render for the panny
at least it detect my tv properly and returns the name i called my tv
Panny did do a update on my firmware recently not sure if that why nothing works now
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Re: Version 5.1.1 is released

Post by tangles »

I use UMS to play back videos on my Sony BRAVIA TV. With V5.1.1 some videos will now only play back the sound, with no video. I have reverted to 5.0.1 which works fine.
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