[Solved] UMS is damaged and cant be opened

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beard runner
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Re: UMS is damaged and cant be opened

Post by beard runner »

endymion you genius!

sudo xattr -cr /Applications/Universal\ Media\ Server.app worked!

Thank you very much. And it sees PS4 ok....

I am now back to my original problem which led me to delete and reinstall UMS......My files are on an external drive. So when selecting folders to share within UMS, I navigate --HD/volumes/....
But once selected volumes there is nothing visible and the window seems distorted. Please see the attache screenshot. Does yours appear like this? So I cant any deeper than selcting my volume 'Backupemp'. Before Monterey I could navigate further into the volume.

MAny thnanks for your help... :D
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Re: UMS is damaged and cant be opened

Post by Nadahar »

beard runner wrote: Tue Nov 02, 2021 3:57 pm sudo xattr -cr /Applications/Universal\ Media\ Server.app worked!
I suggested setting the attributes early on, and from what I understood you claimed to have already tried it and that it didn't work.
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Re: UMS is damaged and cant be opened

Post by endymion »

When I go to my Volumes folder, a security alert appears.
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I hit OK and after some spinup delay my external drives appeared.

If you don't see that, you may have previously accidentally clicked Don't Allow.

You can go to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> Privacy --> Files and Folders

Scroll to find Universal Media Server and if it displays Removable Volumes unchecked. Check it.
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Re: UMS is damaged and cant be opened

Post by SubJunk »

There has been some really great help in this topic, thanks everyone involved!

I just wanted to add that Apple has a help page about this which includes a Monterey section, here's what they say:
https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/m ... h40616/mac

Hopefully Apple will make better decisions around supporting open source apps in the future. I don't see any indication of that but I can only be hopeful.
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