Pause and resume freezes

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Pause and resume freezes

Post by Riketto » Mon Jun 10, 2019 6:53 am


I'm sorry if this is a "classic question". I searched the forum, without finding...

I use UMS in a W10 PC (8core, 8GB Ram, plenty of HD space), the networ is a powerline cabled, and i use as a viewer ONLY a Smart TV Philips 43PUS6162, so i cannot understand if the problem is on TV side or UMS side

All works good if i start a movie and play it without stopping.
But, if i press PAUSE whei i resume the reproduction goes for few seconds, then it freezes. If i stop and resume ahain the movie goes only for a fraction of second..
Tje only solution that i've found is to switch off the tv AND the powerline witch unplugging the power cable, then switching on the tv and resuming the movie fron the "recently played" (it is in italian in my case, i don't know if it is written exactly).
In some other cases after doing this, the reproduction starts from the beginning, with my pleasure...

A rapid view to log file shows nothing of unusual

Thanks in advance

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