9.5.0 Not Installing

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9.5.0 Not Installing

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As I have had a lot of problems with UMS, being told not to do this, do that etc. I decided to completely uninstall (yet again) and reinstall using the latest version.
While doing so, I intend creating a file so that others new to UMS may be steered away from making the same rookie mistakes I have.
Following this procedure 2.5.0 is not working.
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The only UMS reference I can find is at C:\ProgramData\UMS but this is incomplete.

When trying to get a previous version that installs correctly I find that links to 9.4.3 and 9.4.2 default to 9.5.0.
When attempting to do the same install using all the defaults in 9.4.2 I get the same problem.

Despite being berated for doing so, when I choose my own installation folder everything is ok.
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