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Help File For Newbies

Posted: Sat May 30, 2020 7:42 am
by AnnieBody
As my previous experience has been with Serviio that is fairly self explanatory I have found it difficult in picking up and using UMS from scratch, particularly with its many foibles.
The only help I could find is after you have installed it! And then it is all about PS3 which I think is legacy and so out of date.
As I have had to install from scratch again (my 5th time) due to poor selection as well as forum feedback advising me to do things differently, I have created an installer help file that I am hoping assist others getting started and prevents them making the same mistakes.
I don't intend updating it, but as a start it appears to be the only thing currently available.
You will note that this follows 7.5.0 which does not yet install correctly (see my other posts) so will be updated once these bugs have been resolved.
Any comments, gaps, inclusions and feedback would be appreciated. Not only to get me going again, but for those that follow!
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Re: Help File For Newbies

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 4:31 am
by AnnieBody
Still at draft level, but as I have discovered UMS does not transcode audio without also transcoding video (which it does badly), it is of no use to me.
So back to Serviio which basically does the same thing but retains the video when transcoding audio, not perfect, but much better in my opinion, and easier to use!
Someone might like to pick this up and complete it.
I have added advanced settings, as without it UMS is mainly blank and relatively unusable. Didn't know this until I queried why no information showing, so the need for documentation is self evident.
Good luck UMS users!
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