Subtitles on LG webOS/Skipping forward with FFPMEG

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Subtitles on LG webOS/Skipping forward with FFPMEG

Post by SEKCobra » Tue Aug 04, 2020 5:03 am

Hey you guys,
I have been getting back into streaming to my LG webOS TV through UMS and was able to tweak the config to directly stream 4K content without problems. I basically just had to make sure that UMS would stop transcoding videos unnecessarily.
However, wanting to watch a korean movie with english subtitles, I have hit a problem I can't seem to work around. The movie has srt subtitles internally (MKV container), which for debugging I have also extracted to a srt file. LG webOS supposedly supports SUBRIP, but I can't get it to work. The internal ones weren't recognized by the default config, but even adding it, there is nothing displayed on the tv. Hitting the "Subtitle" button on my remote does nothing. Well, all that isn't too great, but UMS falls back to FFMPEG rendering in these cases.
However, I can't skip to any point of the film in this mode, because any attempt to seek, time jump or whatever causes the move to restart (or jump to a specific point in the film, when it is further along) I had the same issue before, until I turned "SeekByTime" off. But for ffmpeg this doesn't seem to fix the problem. I have tried finding a solution myself, but I am too green with how UMS interworks with my TV to figure out how to get this working. I'm fine with rendering the fonts on my server, but I would really like the ability to skip forward in a movie.

I appreciate any help or insights any of you can offer.

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