DNLA error 2006/2010 and other fun mysteries.

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DNLA error 2006/2010 and other fun mysteries.

Post by Mad-Hamlet » Sun Sep 13, 2020 8:51 pm

First off, great program. Been used to keep the kids entertained and my wife and myself for years and years.

Secondly, not so great program (or not so great user skills) since out of the blue it's not working. I updated to 9.8.0 and suddenly a song and dance routine was needed for the PS3 to detect UMS. Very carefully the USM had to be turned on before the PS3, failure to do this and the UMS would not detect the PS3, ever.

Then things got odd(er). Now no matter what UMS does not detect the PS3 until I do a search for media servers from the PS3 side, then it pops up on UMS main screen. However, navigating through the shared files in an attempt to get to a media file fore viewing results in a plethora of DNLA errors, usually 2006 and 2100 or 2010...can't be sure. They blink out so fast.

I attempted to reseolve the issue to updating to 9.8.1 with a clean install, but no dice. Same issues.

I've included a log. Hope I followed the rules correctly and look forward to enjoying this great program for some time to come.
(and yes, I freely admit to joining the forum for support, the high level of tech talk bamboozles me)
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