Windows GUI issue

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Windows GUI issue

Post by provision1 » Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:50 pm

First, long time PS3 Server user (modified), new to UMS.

The problem that I'm having is the repainting of the main window in Windows 10. I've made a short video showing that when the mouse moves around the application
that the drawing is incorrect but there not allowed to be uploaded. Nothing corrects the painting but stopping the program.

Funny thing is that I had the same problem with PS3 Media Server, of which my copy is about 6 years old and personally modified. But I have never had any issues with
other applications. Under PS3 it only happened after hours of running. With UMS it happens almost immediately. visit here

I have the latest drivers for my 1050TI from Geforce Exp. and all Windows is up-to-date unfortunately( 2004 release) on an AMD 3600x, 16GB of memory.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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