UMS 10.4.1 Not finding renderers Win10

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UMS 10.4.1 Not finding renderers Win10

Post by L1ve2Dr1ve »

Hi, new here, and hopefully I find and answer. Running UMS 10.4.1 (latest version I believe), on Windows 10. Also, not sure if this might be an issue, but the folder linked to UMS is on a USB external. Everything was working fine, but after I disconnected the external (YES, I ejected it before unplugging), I connected it to my laptop to transfer more movies... plugged it back in, and now UMS doesn't see any renderers. Not my PS4, not my TV? Please help.
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Re: UMS 10.4.1 Not finding renderers Win10

Post by mik_s »

There is not enough information in your log, please follow the section in red above to create trace logs.

However I could see that UMS is looking for renderers using a network interface on where I would usually expect it to be 192.168.x.x (this may be correct but I'm no expert on networking). Since the log was not in trace mode I cannot see what interfaces are available to you though.

You can force UMS to use the correct interface by going to the "General settings" tab and under the "Network settings (advanced)" section, pick the correct interface in the "Force networking on interface" dropbox.

I doubt changing USB would have changed anything unless you are using a wifi dongle as well, but your computer may give a different drive letter to your drive if you reconnect it which means UMS won't be able to find your media on it.
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Re: UMS 10.4.1 Not finding renderers Win10

Post by Nadahar »

10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x and 172.16-32.x.x are all "private" IPv4 ranges that can be used freely. There is no particular preference for 192.168.x.x, except that it seems like it's the default in many routers.
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