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General Newbie Assistance

Post by Kokoro »

Hi! I just got UMS installed, after being frustrated with SubSonic and AirSonic. I'd like to know if I can do the following with UMS:

1. Can I have my media sorted / grouped into folders? I have my media sorted by folders on my server. I'd like UMS to also follow that format
2. Is there a way that I can tie my SMF (simple machines forum) into UMS. Nothing major, just basic user authentication based on membergroup/rank achievement. I could write a PHP script if I need to (using MySQL as the database for the forum).
3. When viewing a random video, I didn't see any options to change the audio format from one language into another for a dual audio video.

That's all I have for now. Otherwise, right now, I'm loving what you people have made!! :)
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Re: General Newbie Assistance

Post by mik_s »

1. There are 2 ways of accessing your media with UMS. The first way serves the folders you set to be shared and will keep the directory structure that appears on your system.
The other way is if the media library enabled then you can access that folder on your device or using the web interface and that will sort your media in to TV series/films etc

2. UMS is meant to be a local server for the local network so I don't think intergeneration with a forum would be of any use. Depending on what your idea is it may work but I don't know anything about it. If you want to try check out github and maybe you could make some contributions.

3. This can depend on your device and whether the media is natively supported. If it is then the file will be streamed and is down to he controls on the device to change audio track and subs. If the file is not supported the it will be transcoded using the system setting to pick the audio track and subs. You can select any combination of audio and subs
by playing from the #--TRANSCODE--# folder, and you can use that to force transcode of a supported file if the device does not give you option to change the audio/subs.
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