Repeated Startups for all Renders

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Repeated Startups for all Renders

Post by jedimasterpeppy » Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:42 am

Hello all,

I'm still new to this media server system.

I have the default install, however I'm finding that I need to repeatedly access the Media Server on my Win7 PC in order to "see" all the directories.

I have a Sony EX TV, PS3 and x2 Android phones, all which have to try three times before the directories can be accessed.

On the PS3 the error code DLNA 2006 pops up, and on the other devices it just reads "Timed-Out" try again.

I find this weird because on every third attempt, its fine after that!?!

Anybody had this before? I am running on wireless (50) so I know this does slow things down abit, but these symptoms are weird.

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