AviSynth/MEncoder, LAV Splitter, and Subtitles.

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AviSynth/MEncoder, LAV Splitter, and Subtitles.

Post by Tadrith » Sat Mar 15, 2014 3:56 pm

I've been using AviSynth/MEncoder to watch VFR videos. Up until recently, I had been using Haali as the splitter, however, if you FF/RW when playing a video that has embedded subs and fonts that you don't have on your computer, Haali floods your computer with temp files. I've just learned to avoid using FF/RW, but I decided to try LAV Splitter instead to see if I could gain that functionality back.

Unfortunately, when using LAV Splitter with AviSynth/MEncoder, I'm getting no subtitles at all. Since subs work fine on my computer and LAV Splitter shows itself loading subs when playing the videos though UMS, I'm assuming this is likely some issue in the way AviSynth and LAV Splitter talk to each other.

Subtitle handling is done by DirectVobSub when using Haali, but LAV handles them itself. Is AviSynth set up in such a way that it needs DirectVobSub to handle subtitles or is there something else going on here? Does anybody have suggestions on how to get subs working when using LAV Splitter or is it a lost cause?

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