Saw a Sony Vita renderer - how do I watch things from UMS on my PC on my Vita?

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Saw a Sony Vita renderer - how do I watch things from UMS on my PC on my Vita?

Post by Sunwind » Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:17 pm

Anyone know what I need to do to it? does it need to be rooted? I'm on the latest PS Vita firmware so no chance of that :(

Also I was wondering generally what is the best renderer to run in terms of a/v sync perfection? my PC is more than beefy enough for lossless everything (except network, have it capped at 90 but doesn't seem to be the bottleneck anyway).

And when I have the cache enabled (not hidden folders to slow it down) browsing my media folders on my Bravia 32"EX-503 is very slow, it will load 5-6 items, then take 10 seconds before loading another, and so on.

I tried a fresh install of the latest version, and also tried "scan folders" a few times at but it still happens when I view the folders. Any idea why it's so slow?
When I browse the same server on my PS3, it's almost instant. (PS. The speed isn't always so slow on the TV, sometimes it is quite fast too, never as fast as the PS3 but still not as bad as it has been lately.)

Edit: Using UMS (Java8) v5.0.0 now on Win8.1 with all updates, latest JRE8

Have i73770k CPU @ 4.5Ghz, 8GB RAM, ATI R9 290 (I enable video accelleration, good idea?). Have an SSD but seems fine streaming from 5200/7200RPM storage drives. Network is 100mbit so limit is default at 90, although I've changed it to unlimited and never noticed a difference.

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