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Re: Universal Media Server Wiki

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DeFlanco can you somewhere put the info about the UMS filename convention for 3D subtitles? That is writen in the code

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				 * Recognize 3D layout from the filename.
				 * First we check for our custom naming convention, for which the filename
				 * either has to start with "3DSBSLF" or "3DSBSRF" for side-by-side layout
				 * or "3DOULF" or "3DOURF" for over-under layout.
				 * For anaglyph 3D video can be used following combination:
				 * 		3DARCG 	anaglyph_red_cyan_gray
				 *		3DARCH 	anaglyph_red_cyan_half_color
				 *		3DARCC 	anaglyph_red_cyan_color
				 *		3DARCD 	anaglyph_red_cyan_dubois
				 *		3DAGMG 	anaglyph_green_magenta_gray
				 *		3DAGMH 	anaglyph_green_magenta_half_color
				 *		3DAGMC 	anaglyph_green_magenta_color
				 *		3DAGMD 	anaglyph_green_magenta_dubois
				 *		3DAYBG 	anaglyph_yellow_blue_gray
				 *		3DAYBH 	anaglyph_yellow_blue_half_color
				 *		3DAYBC 	anaglyph_yellow_blue_color
				 *		3DAYBD 	anaglyph_yellow_blue_dubois
Can you modify that to be more understandable and put it to the Wiki?
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Re: Universal Media Server Wiki

Post by DeFlanko »

it only took 4 months.... my bad bro..

https://github.com/UniversalMediaServer ... m-Filename
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