Forward Reverse Feature

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Forward Reverse Feature

Post by speaksandeep »

We have installed UMS in our residential home; this app is superb and hats off to the all developers and support team.
Videos playing through web interface is superb and having good quality; Only issue that Forward and Reversion function is not working.
only Play and Stop Buttons are working,
Is it a bug for all users or only I am facing that issue.

Please reply

Sandeep Baral
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Re: Forward Reverse Feature

Post by pipin »

Did you try more files with different video encoding?

From time to time I have some videos were forward and reverse is not working, too.

You could try to transcode the files and try forward and reverse then.
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Re: Forward Reverse Feature

Post by dmitche3 »

Long time user of PS3 Media server. Newbie to UMS.
{editted]: I didn't read your question properly. You are using the web interface which is not something that I use to watch my
videos on my TV. My response is to streaming to a Smart TV and not through a web interface.

Are you re-encoding your videos when playing them? If so, my swag is that the answer is no. But perhaps UMS is buffering enough
video to allow for it. I can't do it either so I have a feeling it is the nature of the beast when transcoding.
But do you need to transcode/re-encode your video? Probably not for quite a bit of video formats.

To turn off transcoding and pass the video format directly to your TV/device, go to the Transcoding Settings tab and enter
the file extensions that don't need to be re-encoded into the field, "Skip Transcoding for the following extensions. Like this:

Waiting to see the answer on this one.
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