Multiple instances of renderer being listed

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Multiple instances of renderer being listed

Post by Onieros »

Aloha, I have three problems with UMS 10.4.1. I am running Windows 10 Pro x64 on a new ROG Maximus XII mobo, with 64G Ram, with UMS installed on a 4G M2 drive.

1) Upon startup, UMS recognizes two instances of Sony UBP1000ES. In the log, it continually searches and finds "unknown renderer", to the tune that the logfile in the UMS directory gets large (over 1Mb).

2) I reinstalled UMS v10.4.1 and when I shut it down, the next startup of UMS caused a "Serious error...failed to establish loopback connection. I reinstalled UMS after deleting all UMS-related registry entries, and the problem persists. When I followed the procedure listed in the Forum to report an issue, I packed the debug files and restarted UMS, resulting in the same serious error. No renderers were detected in the Status tab.

3) I reinstalled UMS v10.4.1 again, and noted that it wouldn't play older avi files, despite listing them in the appropriate directory. Attempts to use the #Transcode folder for such files resulted in a "no video files found" return. Searching the Forum, I could only find an entry from 2014 regarding unplayable avi files, suggested the obsolete "force avi" in the Transcoding Settings tab. One issue is that I had no problem playing older avi. files using UMS v10.0.0. I even installed the older UMS build, but had the same problems. I also checked the security properties to ensure that my admin acct. had full control of all files in that HD.

Anyway, I would appreciate some UMS wisdom to help with these issues. Thanks in advance for your time.
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Re: Multiple instances of renderer being listed

Post by valib »

I see in your log that you have installed ExpressVPN TAP Adapter on your PC. Please try to set manually the correct interface Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz. The UMS may try to use the ExpressVPN TAP Adapter and this can make an error.
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