Settings Etc. Deleted + Latest Version

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Settings Etc. Deleted + Latest Version

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I recently responded to a prompt from my PC to "Update & Restart". When I came back to the machine it had restarted but appeared to be re-installing UMS. I followed the prompts and all seemed well but when I checked on the "Shared Content" tab in the main UMS window all folders previously showing had been deleted. (I store media on a number of external hard drives & this has worked fine since I started using UMS - until this morning!) It was easy enough to 're-attach' the external drives & all is now OK but I'm wondering why this should have happened.
On another point I am currently running v10.15.0. When I opened this website it advised that v10.16.0 is now available but attempting to download it offers the option for 10.15.0 only ???
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Re: Settings Etc. Deleted + Latest Version

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We are in the process of releasing 10.21.0 which might fix this. Please let us know if it does
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