first steps on universal media server

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first steps on universal media server

Post by rockberto »

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I have a yamaha rx-2080 av receiver and I noticed that it could play music from a dnla server directly from the yamaha app installed on the tablet. By doing some testing and research, I found Universal Music Server which seems very interesting to me. I was looking for something complete but simple to use especially for my wife to listen to her music, I tried to install it and do some tests and it is quite usable. I like the fact that unlike other dnla servers I can exclude some folders from the view. However, I have some concerns about the display of album covers.
I have prepared the music library in folders, one per artist, and each artist has separate album folders inside. Inside each album I have inserted a jpg file with the cover in hd (the same image is also integrated in the mp3 files).
The name given to the jpg file is in Artist [year] AlbumName.jpg format
Is this kind of name okay? Or do I have to give it a different name?
Having said that, on the tablet when opening an artist I only see the folder icons of each album: is there the possibility to see the cover in hd of each album instead of the usual blue folder icon?
In the meantime, this is a first step, then I will have other questions. Sorry for the long premise and bad English.
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Re: first steps on universal media server

Post by JDN165 »

I am using UMS to play my music files and I've also divided my music library (with mp3 and flac files) in artist folders, with the artist albums as subfolders.
As far as I know you don't have to put a separate album cover image in the music folder. If the audio files are properly tagged with cover art, this cover art is displayed on the media player (assuming your media player can display the images of course).

If your music files don't have embedded cover art, you can add this using a tool like MP3TAG ( With this tool you can add cover art to a wide variety of audio file types.

The only thing I have to take into account with my renderer is that the image is not too big. I limit the images of the cover art in my audio files to 300x300 pixels and this cover is displayed without problem on the media player when played using UMS.
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