{SOLVED} Sony BRAVIA kdl-40w707c cant find files

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{SOLVED} Sony BRAVIA kdl-40w707c cant find files

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Hello, Im having a weird problem I cant solve with the above setup. Everything worked fine for multiple years then I got a pc virus needed to flush my whole system down the drain, did it set up everything again from scratch, clean install.

I set up the media server , everything works fine on my LG C9. On my bedroom Sony TV the server recognises the TV, the TV recognises the server as normal but when I try to go in and access the files I get a "accesing content not possible from server" (or something like that, I dont know the exact wording in english I run my TV in Greek). It doesnt show any file directories, its just blank.

I have tried nearly everything, reset TV with factory settings , changed the file paths in UMS into shorter ones, reinstalled some IPv4-Ipv6 communication protocols on the TV, nothing works. I didnt see anything alarming on the log files, UMS finds the TV, The TV finds UMS. Any help is appreciated.

edit: So all out of a sudden the 50th time i tried without changing absolutely anything, it just worked out by itself. :shock:
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