No Valid Bitrates..

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No Valid Bitrates..

Post by yuppicide »

My desktop computer specs:
Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
i7 11700kf (8 core, 16 thread, 3.6ghz - 5ghz)
AMD 6700XT 12GB video
Main hard drive: m.2 up to 7000mb/s
Drive with media on it.. not sure the specs.. external drive Western Digital Easystore
Ethernet wired

Television: 55" ONN Roku via Ethernet as well using Roku Media Player to access Universal Media Server

Most of my media plays fine. I cannot forward or rewind using the Roku remote or app. I assume that's their media player that is the issue there. Previously they had a button I could press and say "forward 1 minute" or something and it would forward, but they removed that from the app for some reason.

Anyway, the issue today I downloaded an mkv file that says 2160p h265 in the filename. It plays fine for maybe a 2+ minutes on the tv.. then shows shows a loading symbol. It then continues playing about 7 or 8 seconds later. The loading symbol may or may not pop up again, I forget, but it will play for another 2 to 2.5 minutes max, when the last loading symbol pops up and finally it says "no bitrate". I have tried with GPU acceleration on and off (and rebooting the server in between changes). Same thing.

I believe I was using 11.6.0 or something. Yikes outdated. I just installed 13.3.0 while typing this and I'm going to try it now and report back.

EDIT: Same thing using 13.3.0. Are there any settings I should try tinkering with? I don't know what they all do.

PS - The best thing I like about UMS is that it's no bullshit. Just shows my media. I've used Plex in the past and it searches for shit on the web and miscatagorizes my files and then doesn't show some of them, etc.
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Re: No Valid Bitrates..

Post by mik_s »

Depending on what formats your Roku can play UMS may be transcoding your videos into a format that can be played.

For 4K it will take a lot of processing power to do this in realtime so could either lower the quality or increase the amount of data sent which may exceed your network's bandwidth. This could cause the problem if UMS cannot keep up, and also seeking does not work for some renderers as they cannot move to a part of the video that does not exist yet.

To see if your Roku can play without needing the video to be transcoded then try playing from the #--TRANSCODE--# folder and choose "No transcoding"
(if you do not see it, enable "show the #--Transcode--# folder" in the GUI on the navigation tab, in the web GUI it is in the "virtual folders/files" section)

If this plays better then the conf used for your renderer can be tweaked to as that to the supported formats.

I would need to see logs to help you change this though (see link in my sig) and also confirm that UMS is transcoding, and using the right conf for your renderer.
Logs are important for us to help, Please follow This Link before asking for support. Just a forum cleaner, Will help if I can but no expert.
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