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New Knowledge Base

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We have released our new Knowledge Base

There has been a huge effort by many people to get translations done! These are a work in progress, and we would love any more help we can get. We would also love ideas for new articles to write.

I'd like to thank the awesome teams who develop Docusaurus and Crowdin, two amazing tools that we rely on heavily for this.

Our old Knowledge Base platform did not support translations, and it was difficult to edit because each person had to be given access manually. This new one is on GitHub which is where our other code normally lives, so if you want to contribute any content please make a Pull Request on the knowledge base repository.

Thanks to all the translators who have contributed to the knowledge base via Crowdin, your work is greatly appreciated! Those people so far are:
Antoni Grau i Quellos
Василь «CVI» Чефранов
Burak Yavuz
Clemens Corell
Esko Gardner
Gabriel Rausch
Karol Szastok
Олег Лойко
Steven Me

Thanks to you all!

If you want to help with translations, the files are all on Crowdin which synchronizes automatically with GitHub and the website.
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