Disambiguation help for new user

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Disambiguation help for new user

Post by fenwal »

I'm a new user; please let me know if there is a better place to ask these questions.

Basically, I'd like access to a good UMS user manual, if there is one.

Forum registration issue:

I was unable to register with this forum, until I removed certain special characters from my password. There was no hint on the registration page to guide me past this problem. Should be an easy fix for the web programmers, though.


I downloaded UMS in December 2023, and took all the defaults during setup. I pointed UMS at my video library, and it took off nicely, for the most part. But maybe UMS's Dynamic metadata lookup needs some guidance...(or I do).

Series Disambiguation: how do I fix this?

How do I tell UMS how to disambiguate TV series with the same name (e.g., originals vs. remakes)? UMS is confused, and so am I. For example:

Battlestar Galactica: 1978 vs. 2003 miniseries vs. 2004
Beauty and the Beast: 1987 vs. 2012
Kung Fu: 1972 vs. the remake with the female protagonist (which I don't yet have)

Is there a way for me to tell UMS which IMDB or TVDB entry to use?

Examples that are not working (my series directory/folder names):

Episode Disambiguation: how do I fix this?

Some TV series (e.g., Highlander) differ in the episode numbering - the OTA and Blu-Ray episodes are numbered differently (along with their episode titles). I think TVDB allows for this, but I'm not sure.

File System names - what/where are the rules for this?

Below are examples of my file naming that confused UMS, until I changed filenames:

Confused UMS (metadata lookup failure?)

Code: Select all

Game_of_Thrones  # my series directory name
UMS OK with this:

Code: Select all


Confused UMS:

Code: Select all

Agent_Carter,Marvel's  # my series directory name
UMS OK with this:

Code: Select all

I don't like spaces in my filenames. I think UMS is OK with this for the most part.
Also, I move leading "The_" to the end (e.g., The_Nightmare becomes Nightmare,The) for my alphabetizing preferences.
This confuses UMS lookups, so I've had to add or change subdirectory names to accommodate UMS:

Code: Select all

Nightmare,The  # directory with confusing name
    The_Nightmare.S01   # subdirectory with non-confusing name
        The_Nightmare.S01E01.avi  # filename with non-confusing name
I have many other series for which I use abbreviations in the episode file names:

DS.S01E01.mkv # for Designated Survivor first episode
FS.S01E01.mkv # Falling Skies first episode

The containing (season-specific) directories often have full names, but the episode names are abbreviated. This is apparently a big no-no for UMS. I'd like to see the rule book.

Thanks for any pointers.
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Re: Disambiguation help for new user

Post by mik_s »

I don't know the details of how metadata is retrieved but I know it goes off filenames not necessarily the folder names, so if you have renamed and abbreviated your files then UMS cannot make a match to online services like opensubtitles and TMDB, IMDB etc.

If the match is ambiguous like films from different years with the same name, or a date as part of the film name, it can make an incorrect match but I think it also looks up subtitle hashes or other info to make it more accurate. I think having the release year in brackets will help.

You can change how UMS displays your files on your renderer if you use the "Prettify filenames" option so you can leave the original filename alone so UMS can match them better. You can also set it to ignore "The " or "A" for file ordering. These options are in the navigation settings under file sorting/naming. Have a look at the tool tips for what they will do.

I don't know why certain special characters are not allowed in your password on the forum, maybe some could be used for SQL injection or something so are not allowed. I have come across other sites with similar problems. It's not something I can change though.
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