filename convention(s) for multi-episode videos

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filename convention(s) for multi-episode videos

Post by fenwal »

Some of my TV series files contain multiple episodes. Stated differently: a single video file might contain 2 or more consecutive episodes (e.g., parts 1,2,3).
I want to name my files in a way that UMS can parse successfully.

For a single episode, I use something like:


What is the best choice (from UMS's perspective) for naming a multi-episode video?
Below are some of the schemes I've seen people use:


I have at least one video with 2 episodes that cross season boundaries (e.g., cliffhanger episodes).
I've used the convention below, but want to be sensitive to UMS's parsing:


Thanks for any insights.
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Re: filename convention(s) for multi-episode videos

Post by mik_s »

I don't know exactly but from other examples I have seen and from what makes most sense to me I think seriesName.S01E01-03.mkv is what it should be.

There is no point in repeating the series number for each episode like in the other example you gave as they will be the same, and better to show the range if there are 2 or more episodes in a single video instead of listing each one fully.

This is assuming that all episodes belong to the same series and are consecutive so for you last example that might be better.
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Re: filename convention(s) for multi-episode videos

Post by boss »

I do mine like this which works fine:
seriesName S01E01-E03.mkv (I use a space rather than the dot in the filename).

I don't have any series with 2 episodes that cross season boundaries, but I think this would work fine:
seriesName S01E22-S02E01.mkv
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