PS5 and or Xbox Series X support

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PS5 and or Xbox Series X support

Post by Plaexia75 »

Hello there,

Are the consoles mentioned above ever going to be supported in Universal mediaserver?
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Re: PS5 and or Xbox Series X support

Post by mik_s »

It depends on if they have a media player.

Not sure there is one on the PS5 yet but in theory it can use the same one as the PS4 if it is available to download from the store. I know nothing about the Xbox.
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Re: PS5 and or Xbox Series X support

Post by SubJunk »

Xbox Series S/X are supported already. If you have one you can help us improve support by testing and providing logs. I would be happy to work with you on that.

PS5 doesn't have a media player app capable of DLNA/UPnP yet so it is up to them to support it. They typically haven't had that feature at launch for their past consoles, so it may be in the works.
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