Stops playing - intermittant

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Stops playing - intermittant

Post by CatMan »

Im playing a video when UMS just immediately stops playing

The Log just says:

14:03:03 INFO Setting video resolution to: 1920x1080, your Video Scaler setting
14:03:14 INFO Process /usr/bin/mencoder has a return code of 139! Maybe an error occurred... check the log file
14:03:49 INFO Stopped playing Return of the Dragons of Wisdom pt1 - with Mark Passio (720p_25fps_H264-192kbit_AAC).mp4 on BRAVIA KDL-40CX520

I have tryed with different .MP4 files, including ones with extremely small/low BitRates (checked with MediaInfo) to see if that makes any differance

UMS Version: 11.5.0
OS: Linux - Opensuse Tumbleweed

Had this same problem on previous 2 versions as well
Log file provided in attachment

Please Help !
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