V12 released!

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V12 released!

Post by SubJunk »


We are so excited about this complete rewrite of our GUI!
It's built using modern tooling and will let us develop far more quickly than the old one did. The old one is still there for those who want it, though.

When you start UMS, it will open in your web browser. The first time it runs, it will offer you the chance to create a user, or to disable authentication:

firstview-500.png (33.16 KiB) Viewed 21992 times

We think it's a good idea to create an admin account unless you are sure your network is private, but the choice is yours.

You can change it at any time, and you can create different users who have different permissions, and different user groups too. We will expand that functionality over time to include more permissions. Let us know your ideas for this, since that will affect which features we prioritize.

Another change is that the Shared Content area has been unified, where before it was split between local and web content, now they are in the same list.

sharedcontent-500.png (52.26 KiB) Viewed 21992 times

We are hoping to get some feedback about this. Please let us know if you find any bugs or think of improvements you'd like to see.

I would like to thank the massive efforts of SurfaceS and js-kyle on this version. It's rare with software to do a full rewrite. Usually limitations are accepted and we do our best with what we have, because it's a lot of hard - and at times tedious - work to start from scratch, but we have finally done it after years of wanting to.

There are so many more changes in this release, including hundreds of bugfixes and performance improvements. See the full changelog below. Note that we did not release 12.0.0, because we found a serious bug after it was tagged, so 12.0.1 is the first actual release.


This release is available on our Patreon page for all subscribers, and will be released publicly during our next release.

Our previous version, 11.6.0, is now available on our download page and from our official mirrors.

Changes since 11.6.0:
  • General:
    - Added a new web settings interface, which is now the supported way to add content and change settings
    - Added a new web player interface, for a faster, more responsive and accessible web player
    - Added shutdown computer option to the Server Settings folder
    - Added user auth to web interface
    - Added user groups to web interface
    - Unified the Shared Content area in both Java and web interfaces
    - Local database speed improvements
    - Improved UPnP/DLNA support
    - Consolidated configuration files, with automatic migration to the new format
    - Fixed TV series never being found locally by IMDb ID
    - Fixed duplicate API requests
    - Fixed profile support on Docker
    - Fixed broken translations on startup language selection
    - Fixed not detecting Playlist additions/changes during scans
    - Fixed database update/drop
    - Hundreds of bugfixes and performance tweaks
  • Renderers:
    - Support Sony Network Speakers (thanks, scanf!)
  • Translation updates via Crowdin
    - Afrikaans (14%) (thanks, Eugene Trumpelmann!)
    - Bulgarian (83%) (thanks, ruraru!)
    - Catalan (88%) (thanks, Toni Grau i Quellos!)
    - Czech (100%)
    - Danish (99%) (thanks, GurliGebis and NCAA!)
    - German (93%) (thanks, pipin!)
    - Finnish (99%) (thanks, Esko Gardner!)
    - Italian (96%) (thanks, Oscar Zambotti!)
    - Korean (100%) (thanks, VenusGirl!)
    - Polish (100%) (thanks, Karol Szastok!)
    - Portuguese (99%) (thanks, mariopinto!)
    - Portuguese (Brazilian) (99%) (thanks, Mauro.A!)
    - Russian (82%) (thanks, Максим Мухачев!)
    - Slovak (81%) (thanks, Dušan!)
    - Spanish (92%) (thanks, Pablo Camacho!)
    - Turkish (100%) (thanks, Burak Yavuz!)
  • Dependencies
    - Bump Java to 17.0.5
    - Bump logback-version from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4
    - Update Apache Commons Collections to 4.4
    - Update com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj to 3.0.0
    - Update dependency com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind to v2.14.1
    - Update dependency com.github.junrar:junrar to v7.5.4
    - Update dependency com.github.oshi:oshi-core to v6.3.2
    - Update dependency com.github.spotbugs:spotbugs-maven-plugin to v4.7.3.0
    - Update dependency com.google.code.gson:gson to v2.10
    - Update dependency com.ibm.icu:icu4j to v72
    - Update dependency com.puppycrawl.tools:checkstyle to v10.4
    - Update dependency net.coobird:thumbnailator to v0.4.18
    - Update dependency org.slf4j:slf4j-api to v2.0.5
    - Update dependency pako to v2.1.0
    - Update dependency video.js to v7.21.1
    - Update dependency videojs-contrib-quality-levels to v2.2.1
    - Update logback-version to v1.4.5
    - Update MediaInfo to 22.09
    - Update twelvemonkeys-imageio-version to v3.9.4
    - Removed assertj-core

Support us:

If you appreciated this release, please consider donating or subscribing. We don't do it for money, but it is nice to offset our expenses.
If you would like your name to be mentioned in our list of supporters, please leave a note with your donation/subscription or message us on here, and we will gladly immortalize your contribution.
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Re: V12 released!

Post by DeFlanko »

Congrats! Way to modernize UMS front end!
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Re: V12 released!

Post by Ranger187 »

Thank you all for your continued hard work! I love this program.
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Re: V12 released!

Post by MrZoolook »

Not sure why, but on installing this version, I kept getting a persistent error when trying to run the web configuration:
"Could not form a valid URL for the web interface. See the log file for further details."

Additionally, neither this or the v13 release is giving me the 'new' interface. Even trying to use the tray icon will only open the old one. Fresh install on this and v13.
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Re: V12 released!

Post by mik_s »

In v12 if you right click on the tray icon there will be an option for the web interface to open the settings.

In v13 it has been renamed to just settings with the old Java gui named "settings (old)", also in v13 if you double click the tray icon it will open up the web interface where you can access the settings with the ≡ button on the top right.

If you are getting an error could you post your logs so we can see the cause? You will have to create a new topic as attachments are not allowed in this section.
Logs are important for us to help, Please follow This Link before asking for support. Just a forum cleaner, Will help if I can but no expert.
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