13.0.0: 2D to 3D VR

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13.0.0: 2D to 3D VR

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This release is all about 3D and virtual reality, thanks to contributions by threedguru. He has done a blog post to explain how it works in detail.

This is an example of what it can look like in the VR environment:
BigScreenExample-1.png (353.73 KiB) Viewed 40456 times
Here's an overview of what is happening above:
3d-vr-overview.png (492.83 KiB) Viewed 40456 times
In addition to this very cool feature, there are big improvements to LG TV and VLC support, major improvements to API metadata fetching and network use, and important bugfixes.


This release is available on our Patreon page for all subscribers, and will be released publicly during our next release.

Our previous version, 12.0.1, is now available on our download page and from our official mirrors.

Changes since 12.0.1:
  • General:
    - Added 2D to 3D conversion for virtual reality, for full details see https://iwantaholodeck.com/on-the-fly-2 ... erver-ums/
    - Fixed reload button is disabled after a restart
    - Fixed sometimes mixed renderer found
    - Implements LINN iOS app search request for attribute upnp:artist@role=composer
    - Handle UPNP:AlbumArtist
    - Escape iOS Smart Punctuation apostrophe
    - Fixed case-insensitive UPnP search
    - Double-click on tray icon opens web settings
    - Made language more clear on the right-click tray menu
    - Fixed API metadata countries, plot, ratings, rated (classification), start year, tagline, total seasons, and votes
    - Fixed API poster/cover images sometimes not being set
    - Fixed duplicate API fetches for failed results
    - Fixed star rating updates not immediately updating
  • Translation updates via Crowdin
    - Czech (94%)
    - Danish (99%) (thanks, NCAA!)
    - Finnish (99%) (thanks, Esko Gardner!)
    - French (94%) (thanks, SurfaceS!)
    - German (93%) (thanks, jaba82!)
    - Korean (94%) (thanks, VenusGirl!)
    - Portuguese (100%) (thanks, mariopinto!)
    - Portuguese (Brazilian) (94%) (thanks, Sandro Almeida!)
    - Spanish (88%) (thanks, edwardalvarez2011!)
    - Turkish (100%) (thanks, Burak Yavuz!)
    - Ukrainian (26%) (thanks, Paul Furlet!)
  • Renderers:
    - Let LG TVs use their built-in resume only
    - Fixed support for DTS on LG OLED models newer than 2019
    - Avoid re-encoding x265 needlessly on LG OLEDs
    - Detect more versions of VLC
  • Dependencies:
    - Updated all Node.js subdependencies
    - Update dependency @types/jest to v29.2.4
    - Update dependency @types/lodash to v4.14.191
    - Update dependency @types/node to v18.11.13
    - Update dependency @types/react to v18.0.26
    - Update dependency @types/video.js to v7.3.50
    - Update dependency axios to v1.2.1
    - Update dependency com.github.oshi:oshi-core to v6.4.0
    - Update dependency com.puppycrawl.tools:checkstyle to v10.5.0
    - Update dependency eslint to v8.29.0
    - Update dependency hls.js to v1.2.9
    - Update dependency react-router-dom to v6.4.5
    - Update dependency tabler-icons-react to v1.56.0
    - Update dependency typescript to v4.9.4
    - Update Mantine monorepo packages to v5.8.4
    - Update typescript-eslint monorepo to v5.46.0

Support us:

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