2D to 3D conversion only plays for a few minutes then stops

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Re: 2D to 3D conversion only plays for a few minutes then stops

Post by vruser »

I am in the UK, I know that we are in differnt time zones. Right now we should both be awake though!

I have spent the afternoon installing and setting up the BigScreen Steam VR solution on my system.

I detailed the spec of my system in the install guide, but essentially it is an MSI GF65 Thin Laptop with an i7 processor 16 Gigabytes of RAM, an SSD and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU running Windows 11.

Your system is considerably more powerful than mine.

I do not use PCVR very much. I started with the Oculus link cable. That was unuseable, it glitched all over the place. I then switched to Virtual Desktop and its Steam VR support. This ran the Steam version of BigScreen very well - all wirelessly too.

However, my system cannot handle running UMS and the Steam version of BigScreen at all. It crashes all over the place and UMS will not restart. There are simply insufficient resources.

I can run the headset only standalone version of BigScreen perfectly fine talking to UMS on my laptop, as well as Pigasus in the same mode and use Virtual Desktop viewing my 4K altop screen playing VLC talking to UMS with no issues. It only fails badly when the PCVR Steam stuff is also running on the laptop.

This resource gap would explain everything except for a few critical points:

"Aside from showing a friend while in Bigscreen, all the playback I've done has NOT been while Bigscreen was running. I've checked resource monitor while using UMS/VLC from just my desktop and CPU/RAM usage stays low."

You really should not have any problems running VLC and UMS together on your machine without the Steam stuff running. It shoud all work, whatever you play on it. It does for me. PCVR is what pushes it over the top on my system. This has me really confused.

Secondly, this guy (Spring_Otter) seems to have it working more than fine with the SteamVR version of BigScreen, although with a Valve Pro headset:

"I am using the Vive Pro with the SteamVR version of Bigscreen on a 4K display"

https://www.reddit.com/r/bigscreen/comm ... are_button

There is something we are missing. What else is running on the machine? Do you have the latest version of VLC? I will keep thinking...
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Re: 2D to 3D conversion only plays for a few minutes then stops

Post by jc265 »

There's nothing crazy running on my machine when trying to do this. Just basic stuff... telegram, philips hue lighting control software, discord and the normal windows background services.

I'm using the most up to date version of the 64 bit VLC for Windows. I've uninstalled UMS and VLC and reinstalled just in case something didn't install properly and that was a no go as well. All drivers on my system are current, nothing outdated.
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Re: 2D to 3D conversion only plays for a few minutes then stops

Post by yuchih »

Hello all,
I've reported similar issue in this thread: viewtopic.php?t=15609
I think I could repost here, since they might be same issue.
After I upgrade UMS to 13.1.0 or 13.2.0/13.2.1, the "transcoded 2d-to-3d VR video" could be started smoothly, but always stop before and around 1 min (1:00), then I cannot seek/play the video anymore.
It is fine to play the video on UMS-13.0.1.
Please check the attachments.

@jc265, I saw you was using 13.1.0.

Code: Select all

INFO  2023-01-17 14:24:06.770 [main] net.pms.PMS Starting Universal Media Server 13.1.0
Could you try to use 13.0.1? https://github.com/UniversalMediaServer ... tag/13.0.1
github download link: https://github.com/UniversalMediaServer ... 13.0.1.exe

I guessed some new stuff breaks the video playing.
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