Unable to start UMS normally

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Unable to start UMS normally

Post by Mskitten »

Using MacBook - today I ran into the following error when starting UMS I received the following error in the logs:

21:45:36 ERROR A serious error occurred during Universal Media Server initialization: Cannot invoke "java.net.NetworkInterface.isUp()" because "tmpNetworkInterface" is null

I have never had any similar issues and have been using UMS for almost a year without issue. Any ideas?
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Re: Unable to start UMS normally

Post by mik_s »

UMS should be able to automatically find the right network interface to use if one is not set in the conf, but I did see a warning earlier on in the logs about problem getting the system info

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WARN  2023-03-24 21:20:48.404 [System Information Logger] oshi.util.platform.mac.SysctlUtil Failed sysctl call: hw.nperflevels, Error code: 2
Maybe because of this UMS cannot find it as it does not receive that data.

I don't know anything about Macs so don't know what could cause this. Maybe there has been some update that has changed things.

You could try forcing UMS to use the right Network interface, just change it from Auto-detect to one that shows your computer's IP address.
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