MacOS Ventura 13.x - Solution for many people!

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MacOS Ventura 13.x - Solution for many people!

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After the MacOS Ventura 13.x update (Intel/x64 + M1) I got mad about lost UMS connections - BUT this solution worked FOR ME:

1. Ensure you have the current Java JRE runtime from running (don't forget to restart). Use the official ones (green button on java website). Maybe you better remove the old version inside the installer first AND restart the Mac!). Install Java. Restart!

2. In System Settings > Security > Full Disk Access > give "java", any "Java update" and "UMS" access! Restart! (Note: you need to allow all other UMS requests)

3. Close Web Interface Browser Tab for now.

4. In UMS (dock icon) click "General Settings" > Prevent sleep mode!!! (keep UMS active)

That's all. macos 13.4 + Samsung Smart TV.

Maybe this prevents some folks from getting mad :-)

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