UMS (MacOS) to LG CX TV - how to get DVD box art tiles?

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UMS (MacOS) to LG CX TV - how to get DVD box art tiles?

Post by Deckard »

Hi everyone

I hadn't used UMS for several years, but decided to try to get it up and running again (from MacOS Sonoma). Much to my surprise, when I booted it up, some video files had appropriate DVD box art tiles, which was awesome. I decided to move all my video files out of individual subfolders so I could have an easily browsable library, but then ran into issues with UWS not being detected on the TV and one recommendation was to clear the cache. Once I did this, I can access UWS on the TV again, but all the images are just previews from the first frames of the film now. I have the "DVD ISO thumbnails" checkbox ticked - any way I can get the box art back?

I should note that when moving the files out of subfolders, I renamed them to "Name of the film (year)" and i wonder if maybe they need a certain naming convention to access the box art database?

Thank in advance for the help!
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