[Solved] Marked as played resets after restart

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Re: Marked as played resets after restart

Post by hego »

Hi all,

The issue seems to have been solved. It was probably some conflict with another instance of javaw.exe.

Just to summarize in case someone in the future looks for the same thing, here are the steps I took to fix it:
  1. Uninstalled UMS via Windows app uninstall;
  • Uninstalled Java, also via Windows app uninstall;
  • Checked the registry to see if there were any other references to javaw.exe (there were none);
  • I removed the shortcut to UMS that I had in my user's startup folder (that is how I start UMS) ;
  • Restarted the computer;
  • Since I have one user with auto-login (not the one I use normally), I let the computer start normally and logged off this user to prevent "contamination";
  • I logged into my user and installed UMS;
  • Tested several videos to see if the played marks disappeared after either UMS or computer restart and they didn't;
  • I added the shortcut to UMS to my user's startup folder;
After all these steps, I just had two occurrences of the mark disappearing in two single videos. It hasn't happened again since 14.0.0.

Thank you all for the help, this is a great group!
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Re: Marked as played resets after restart

Post by mik_s »

Glad it is working properly now. It was probably related to the second user thing.

There should not be any slowdown but maybe this is due to upgrading the database for all the access control stuff in V14.
If you did a fresh install of V14 it might just be the scanning of all your files for the first time which is making browsing slower, till the database has been built.
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Re: Marked as played resets after restart

Post by hego »

Thank you!

It's still slow to load on the browser but to watch on my PS3 it's almost normal, so I'll just wait and see. And now it seems that it's marking as played normally, not needing to watch the whole video on a single time.

Good job, I'm proud to be a patron.
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