UMS on New Mac

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UMS on New Mac

Post by rustykettle »

I recently bought a new iMac and migrated all my apps over from the old one. To start with UMS was there and opened on start up as normal, but for some reason now, although the app is still there it's not opening automatically, and when I try to open it manually the icon appears in the dock for a moment then just disappears so I can't use it. Not sure what's going on or why it's gone like this - any suggestions please?
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Re: UMS on New Mac

Post by mik_s »

I don't know anything about Macs so I don't think I can be of much help, but if you are able to get the log files I might be able to see why it is not running properly.

On windows the logs are located in "C:\ProgramData\UMS\debug.log" but have no idea on a Mac but I assume there is a similar folder somewhere.

Are you sure UMS is not running? what happens when you go to http://localhost:9001/ ?
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