error during plugin registration

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error during plugin registration

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when trying to add a plugin on the website - (home / plugins / click here to add a plugin to this list) the following error mesage is displayed:

Illegal use of $_GET. You must use the request class or request_var() to access input data. Found in /home/universalmediaserver/public_html/plugins/index.php on line 306. This error message was generated by deactivated_super_global.

Please notify the board administrator or webmaster: [email protected]

solved, ref. duplicate viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3300
- All the fields are mandatory, including "File".
- I can't (don't want to) upload a file, it's to big, contains all required components (Jar, WampServer and a Drupal Web site). I've integrated a download page on my Web site (, using public Google Drive links.

Pressing the "Submit new plugin" button still achieves nothing (no new entry), as the requirements haven't been fulfilled.

Coul'd you please remove the mandatory requirement for "File", will save you some storage space...
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