Plugins for Universal Media Server

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Name: Description: Author / Maintainers Rating Version Date added Forum Website
Channels Find your online media easy from the XMB. SharkHunter 4.5 2.25 February 27th, 2013 Here Here
GMusic GoogleMusic plugin SharkHunter N/A 0.21 October 12th, 2012 Here Here
Jumpy Plug in your scripts, Kodi addons, and more infidel 5 0.3.9b June 4th, 2018 Here Here
MovieInfo Get info from IMDB, etc. about movies jaqb, SharkHunter, ExSport N/A 0.9.3 February 28th, 2013 Here Here

Note: The above plugins can be installed via the Plugin Management tab in UMS.

Manual-install plugins:

To use them, put the .jar files into the plugins directory.

If you know of a plugin that no longer works with the latest stable version, please let us know.



  • EDL - per-file/directory edit decision lists with MEncoder (discussion)


  • CCML - organise and browse files by tags in custom metadata files (discussion)

Site Integration

Tools and Utilities

  • Shutdown - allows the server PC to be shut down from the renderer (Windows and Linux only) (discussion)

Thanks to otmanix and chocolateboy for this list