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Re: MovieInfo

Post by Supermanfan77 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:05 pm

grobinson wrote:I have UMS 6.5.3 loaded and tried Movieinfo to no avail. Plug in is installed and I press the "Movie Info plugin" button. It shows four lines of fields;
NumberOfActors: 99 Download Cover To Folder (Blank box) Linelength: 60 DisplayInfo: title,rating,tagline,genre,plot,cast,director
Filter: filter
Scan path:

I put my "E:\Movies" folder into the "Scan path:" field. There is button "Scan files" which I then pressed - and it seemed to do nothing. I renamed one of my folders to "Birdman_imdb Birdman" after seeing some obscure prior post about needing to rename folders, but still nothing. I use UMS with my PS3 and the "#MOVIE INFO#" path in UMS for all folders (including Birdman) say "There are no titles."

Any assistance warmly welcomed!

Hasn't worked in months, no clue if there is a fix in the works or not.

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Re: MovieInfo

Post by grobinson » Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:43 pm

Supermanfan77 wrote:Hasn't worked in months, no clue if there is a fix in the works or not.
Thanks for letting me know. At least my expectations have been lowered appropriately.


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