Version 9.0.0 released

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Re: Version 9.0.0 released

Post by erickps4 »

hi subjunk after a long extensive usage of the software i can tell that's working fine most of the time on the ps4 pro media player.
the playback quality of vídeo and sound is very good and clean with a wired gigabit network using cat 7 cables its not perfect, but Works well and do its job.
the instalation and download process was very nice intuitive and smooth. searching files for the first time on each of my folders even the ones with a lot of them with considerable sizes was fast without any issues. the memory usage is kept to a minimal most of time and using gpu option is working ok too. transcoding options is fine also no problems on them and using passing to dts to sound is working good too.

thanks for this very good software and keep up with the good work have a nice weekend god bless. :D
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Re: Version 9.0.0 released

Post by simtom »

I don't know what I'm doing wrong or maybe this isn't really a feature but I can't seem to use my Chromecast. Actually, UMS isn't even detecting my Chromecast. Is there something specific I have to do?

Sorry for posting this here but I saw that the Chromecast api was updated so that's how I figured it must be a feature.
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